Turning problems into money – that is our mission daily. Not only collecting debts, but also repossessing movable property, safely storing, and selling it in auction. This complete solution saves time for the client and “Conventus” is the only company that provides this full service in Latvia.

“A complete solution, from the moment a problem emerges to receiving money in your bank account, for example, after we sold a repossessed vehicle, also collecting the difference still owed after it is sold. No other company in Latvia offers such solution.”

/Agris Raciborskis, Director of Commerce/

““Conventus” can offer much more, in comparison to other debt collection companies. We call it “distressed asset management”. If a debtor refuses to pay, we can find the debtor, repossess property owed for, store it and sell it.”

/Jānis Krastiņš, Member of the Board/

Our customers do not have to spend time looking for several separate service providers. Unlike other companies that deal only with debt recovery, “Conventus” can provide all-in- one solution – pre-court debt collection, legal services, as well as sale and storage of property.
“We have both jurists and lawyers who deal with legal proceedings, as well as utrupe.lv, which deals with the storage and sale of property. This is a serious problem for any other debt collection company. If they are asked – can you repossess the property? The answer will be – “no, we cannot”. In such cases, they recommend us because we provide the service. ”

/Jānis Krastiņš, Member of the Board/

Essential key word for “Conventus” is security. We guarantee security for our customers in both physical and moral sense. Repossessed property is stored in a guarded area equipped with a security systems and surveillance cameras. We are trusted as a company, we can be proud about the reports of security checks of several leading banks and insurance companies. We also have an impressive database of debtors dating back 18 years since the company was founded.
“The root of a successful debt recovery is contact information. You need to know how and where you can reach the debtor, because people often change their places of residence or indicate false addresses. We have been operating since 1999, and during this time we have accumulated a large debtor database and developed solutions for the better data acquisition. This is essential for our overseas customers.”

/Edgars Baglais, Chairman of the Board/


Any company that supplies goods or provides services and gets paid afterwards

“If a business is dynamic, it always has a risk of delayed payment. From 100 customers there will always be someone who does not pay, that is where we come to assist.”

/Agris Raciborskis, Director of Commerce/

Companies that offer leasing services, including bank
“We are the ONLY Consumer Rights Protection Center licensed debt collection company, that deals with repossession, storage and sale of property.”

/Jānis Krastiņš, Member of the Board/

Insurance companies – business statistics show that, on average the amount of money recovered for insurance companies has increased by up to 30%

„Accident damaged cars become an distressed asset for the insurer. We transport it to our storage area, sell it and convert it into money. Problem solved! Our clients include all of Latvia’s most recognized insurance companies.”

/Jānis Krastiņš, Member of the Board/

„People have developed the habit of indicating that property is more damaged than it actually is in their insurance claims. For insurers this means paying out an inadequately large compensation when in fact, the property is only partially damaged. We have experts trained to indicate this and as a result, insurers significantly reduce the amount payable to their client.”

/Edgars Baglais, Chairman of the Board/

Landlords – whenever it is necessary to vacate premises, selling different equipment that take up rental space, turning their distressed assets into cash;

any company which has expenses abroad – the recovery of VAT paid, especially in logistics, for re-fuelling abroad, etc.;

Utilities providers.

„ For utility companies and parking lot businesses, we are the most demanded debt collection service provider in Latvia. Our customers are market leaders.”

/Jānis Krastiņš, Member of the Board/

“Conventus” is one of two Latvian debt collection companies that are one hundred percent owned by Latvian owners. Long-term experience, knowledge of the local situation and interest in the successful solution of each client’s problems enable us to provide the most complete, safe, and efficient services in this industry in Latvia.



Education – University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, lawyer. Further education – accounting, real estate appraisal, insolvency administration, debt collection.

Founder of the company, a practicing lawyer since 1997. Specialization areas – real estate, debt collection.

Since 2012 – Member of the board, Association of Latvian Debt Collection Agencies



Education – Business Administration College, sales and marketing. Additional education – chemistry, law, marketing, project management, strategic management, asset sales and financial management.

Work experience in senior posts – SIA Tilde, Marketing Director; AS Cesu alus, chairman of the board , etc. The consultant’s experience acquired working as consultants in Norway-Latvia Business Development Fund.



Education – University of Latvia, Faculty of economics and management.

Further education – Sales and Marketing, Negotiation, Public Speaking, Personnel management.

Work experience and achievements – Establishment of Latvian distribution network for Wrigley, Tchibo, Borges, Mars Perfetti Van Melle – Chupa Chups Latvian branch director.