The Conventus online auction site has been operating since 2004. Currently, is the best-known damaged car auction site in Latvia. On average, the website has more than 500 unique visitors a day that include buyers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and other European Union countries.

The range of services offered includes valuation, transportation, storage, display and sale of property. It is up to you to decide whether to use the full range of services or one of them.


We provide appraisal of the market price of movable property. We provide the estimated market price or the recommended starting price for the auction. For sets of goods – the estimated time of realisation and revenue.



We provide transportation services to the storage and sales area for all types and dimensions of vehicles, equipment and movable property. Constant volume provides customers with the best prices for transportation.



Strategic location – the largest concentration of cars, equipment trade and warehouses: Rumbula, Riga

  • 60,000 m2 – asphalted, 24/7 guarded territory;
  • 1000 m2 – closed type warehouse area;
  • Security – 24/7 security, authorized access (entrance chips only for registered users), guard dogs, night vision cameras, alarm, fire alarm.
  • Inventorization – bar code assignment, product segmentation, detailed product accounting and automatic report preparation.
  • A separate Client access to the portal, where you can follow the progress of auctions (export of auctions), automatic reports from the system (excel export).

We provide a complete sales process. Providing public online auction, communication with buyers, invoicing, preparation of sales documents (Invoices, CMR)

For vehicles – we help with the registration process. Make sure all necessary documents are submitted (for export transactions).

Organization of personalized sales – UTRUPE.LV platform can be personalized by creating a unified website design with your company’s design, taking into account the technical specification. By setting your own terms of sale and pricing when you receive online reports, you retain complete control over each of the sections of the service. It is up to you to decide whether to use the full range of services or one of them.

+ 24% Average price increase in transport auctions during the last 5 years.



• Damaged vehicles
• Property damaged in insurance accidents
• Unpaid movable property
• Commercial pledges
• Fixed assets, inventories


• Outdated transport fleet
• Property insolvency proceedings
• Damaged or defective goods
• Furniture and office equipment
• Property without packaging or warranty