Distressed asset management (DAM) includes any type of encumbrance management. We help the owner to regain full rights to possess and use own property, and gain maximum benefit from it.


Assets encumbered with rights in rem:

  • Pledges, mortgages
  • Servitudes and their establishment
  • Building rights and their registration
  • Non-existence of access roads etc.

Assets encumbered with the contract law:

  • Rental, lease
  • Arbitrarily occupied properties
  • Debts and other liabilities.


Property Takeover:

  • Claiming possession

Property Management:

  • Conclusion of service agreements
  • Appraisal of the required investment
  • Planning, coordination with state and municipal authorities
  • Making investments and/or performing repair works

Recovery of real estate:

  • Restoration of ownership rights
  • Purchase
  • Registration, use and termination of mortgage

Leasing, renting, or selling of the property
Transfer of the property to the owner


  • Recovery of management capacity
  • Use of security – registration, use & termination of commercial pledge
  • Appraisal and management of the required investments
  • Liquidation of the company
  • Takeover of company’s assets, stocks, capital shares
  • Elimination of solvency risk
  • Selling of the company
  • Selling of fixed assets
  • Transfer of the company to the owner


Takeover of claim rights and recovery of receivables
Financing of the receivable’s recovery process:

  • Pre-trial recovery process (incasso)
  • Court proceedings

Use of all types of secured claims:

  • Mortgages and commercial pledges

Preparation of claim rights for their sale
Exhibition and selling


Conventus offers a versatile and complex solution for troubled asset management both from the legal and the practical perspective.
Claiming possession
Security implementation (mortgage, commercial pledge)
Takeover of control of the finance flow
Inspection of assets
Liquidation of all encumbrances (that prevent free handling of the asset)

What are the benefits?

You will recover the market value of your asset and will be able to use it without hindrance in the best and most efficient manner.

Management of distressed assets includes regular communication with clients, informing and coordinating further actions, as well as providing progress reports on the progress of the process.

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